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We can advise on Legal Aid and check to confirm if a client qualifies for such assistance. Clients who receive certain benefits such as Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance would qualify automatically for certain types of legal aid on financial grounds.

Others on other forms of benefit or low income may still qualify with a contribution due payable. Where a client does not qualify for Legal Aid we will discuss fees and methods of payment at the initial consultation. A useful link to check whether you are eligible for Legal Aid is, or if you have questions about financial eligibility call The Scottish Legal Aid Board's financial assessment unit on 0845 123 2330.


Initial Consultation

In order to claim Legal Aid we would require correct information on your financial position so that we can let you know which type of Legal Aid is most appropriate. Evidence of that should be taken to your initial consultation. If you do not provide this evidence at the beginning your application may be delayed as we have to be satisfied that the information you have given about your financial circumstances is right. Please therefore take the following to your initial consultation:

  • Note of National Insurance Number
  • Recent wage slips or accounts if you are self-employed
  • Pension or benefits books
  • Current benefits award letter or benefits notification
  • Details of any savings/capital - for example a bank statement or passbook
  • If you are married or living with a partner, we will need to know the same information about their income and savings also and details of any dependants

To arrange an initial consultation, please call 01343 556500 or alternatively, e-mail us by clicking here.


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