Accused or Suspected?

Being accused or suspected of any criminal offence can be an anxious experience and it is never too early to consult a solicitor.

James McKay Solicitors specialise in criminal defence and we provide the entire range of services for criminal court cases, ranging from the High Court to Sheriff and Jury, and Sheriff and District Courts.

We can advise on any form of criminal procedure including questioning, detention or arrest by the police. We can also advise whether you qualify for Legal Aid.


Find out where you stand...

Our team of highly experienced and dedicated criminal defence solicitors will give you the advice you need and represent you in all cases to the highest professional standards.

We are situated directly opposite the Sheriff Court buildings in Elgin. Contact us today in complete confidence and find out where you stand.

Our office number is 01343 556500 or alternatively, you can e-mail us -


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